Terms of Service


  • The terms of service (including features, limitations and other details) are described herein.

  • This service allows any person to subscribe a Youtube channel as a podcast, and listen at any podcast app compatible with RSS (Eg.: AntennaPod, etc).

  • You shall only subscribe channels and content that have license status as public domain, creative commons and the alike, or you have a proper authorization of the copyrights owner. You shall not subscribe channels with copyrighted content including, but not limited to, copyrighted music. Subscription of channels with copyrighted content will be banned as soon as they are spotted.

  • This service is provided for free "as is" with all faults, defects, bugs, and errors, without any guarantee. Use it at your own risk. PODTUBE.ME will continuously work to improve the service according to the support provided by patreons and donors.

  • This service can be disrupted as result of acts of others, network failure or blocking, hardware failure, software failure, failures of electricity and other situations.

  • PODTUBE.ME has limitations. Server and bandwidth resources available are limited. To prevent overusing and abuses, every user can access this service a limited number of times. There are limits per day, per hour and per minute, and limits are different for every feature. To not get blocked, users are advised to subscribe only the channels they are really interested in, download only the episodes that really will listen and set the podcast app to update the list of episodes few times a day. The service for any blocked user will be automatically resumed after a short period of time, usually ini less than 24 hours. List of episodes of every channel are updated by PODTUBE.ME server every couple of hours, and not real-time. Number of shown episodes for every channel are limited. Limits will be reduced and removed, and list of episodes updated more frequently or real-time as more patreons and donors support PODTUBE.ME project.

  • PODTUBE.ME can insert in the feeds sporadic short messages inviting the users to become a patreon and donor.

  • PODTUBE.ME is not a hosting, but a bridging service. Only resources public available at Youtube can be bridged. Resources and videos that are sets as "age restricted", "private", "for members only", requiring any type of authentication and the alike cannot be bridged by PODTUBE.ME. Youtube lives are not supported while they are on real-time broadcasting, but only a few hours after the live ends and is turned into a regular (non-live) Youtube video.

  • By using this service you agree with the terms of service.

  • The terms of service can be changed at any moment.



This is a personal project and has server, bandwidth, development, maintenance and improvement costs.
Its continuity as a free service, removal of limitations and implementation of new features depends on your support.